Hello, I am Sarah. I'm just joining the tourist office to do my BTS communication on a work-study basis. I'm not from the area (not too far anyway!). I am delighted to share with you the photos I took during my journey to discover this city at first with the sun, then with a little rain

I loved discovering the pretty facade, particularly that of the Maison de Mandrin which is a municipal exhibition gallery. So I discovered the exhibition present inside on the work of the stained glass of Jean-Jacques Joujon “Symbolism and Geometry” .

From September 13 another exhibition will take place; it will be another style it will be “Very sporty day” by Clément Vachelard , Photos on physical, practical, aesthetic codes.

I also visited the Basilica of Saint-Julien with the guide speaker Delphine, it was very interesting. She explains very well and gives a lot of details, it allows you to know the basilica from another aspect.

Besides, the guided tours take place until October 16th. Not to miss !

I'm happy to be able to discover Brioude as well as its surroundings,

See you soon for my new discoveries and adventures 😊