Visit of the bottling plant

As part of my work-study program, I go from discovery to discovery and I had the opportunity to prepare the slide show for the meeting with service providers organized by the Brioude Sud Auvergne Tourist Office. this meeting took place on Monday, November 21, at theSaint Géron bottling plant. It's a big WOW

The contractors and I started with a short, clear and well-explained factory tour.                                                                                                       

 I had no idea there was such a large factory in such a village Saint-Geron. Indeed, the factory exports all its bottles of naturally carbonated mineral water internationally: United States, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia.  

The company has an area of ​​4 m2, packs up to 15 bottles per hour and produces more than one million bottles each year.

 Wow impressive isn't it?

Sparkling Sparkling Water

This mineral water is naturally carbonated, without artifice. Its only gas is the carbon dioxide dissolved in the water which comes from the deposit of its source. This makes it a sparkling water of excellence worthy of the great tables. It is a water recognized by the great chefs! In 2018, she won the gold medal of the 2nd International Gourmet Waters Competition.

The bottle does not have a common shape and it is very pretty. The artist Alberto Bali made the shape of the bottle which is very designer. It is made of 100% recyclable glass

Shipping packaging

It comes in cardboard format. It is different in color depending on the shipping locations.

 What I forgot to say is that the factory operates with only 5 employees, which proves that the machine park is very efficient and at the cutting edge of technology.

We were able to see all the machines that allow bottling. Great !

And you ?

Do you know what the factories look like where the products we consume are made? Have you ever visited? In any case, I don't and that's why I love having the opportunity to discover "behind the scenes" and being able to discover things that we are not used to seeing, that was the case for this visit.

Then I attended the meeting of service providers. It was rather interesting, there was discussion and participation which made the meeting lively and pleasant. Everyone expresses their opinion on the information given. Following the meeting, we ended up nibbling on a small buffet while discussing.  

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