In May at La Clef The Program

Tuesday May 2
15 p.m. Knitting workshop - Roselyne, Sandrine, Bernadette
Hook and needles. We knit, we spin, we chat. Open to beginners as well as initiates and gentlemen.

18 p.m. Opening of the Newzad Menaf Sedik exhibition

18:30 p.m. Literary café “Modernity at Zola”
“Nulla dies sine linea”: not a day without a line. Balzac's motto was also that of Zola, these two legendary writers. Both also left their mark on literature with the modernity of their work. The purpose of this literary café is to cast an admiring eye on that of Emile Zola. Hosted by Dominic.

Wednesday 3 may
14:30 p.m. The queens game - Arnaud
You think the game of chess is difficult, complicated, long...
It's wrong ! It's a simple, fast and dynamic game!
A bit of pedagogy and learning steps make it accessible to everyone.
Learning the march of the pieces and starting to play with reduced forms of play allows you to understand the spirit of chess and to be in a position to win from the first games.
Secondly, some basic principles on openings, the main figures of midgame combinations such as pins, forks, discoveries, sacrifices and finally some endgame techniques open up the immense territory of full games. .
Today, the internet and its many free gaming sites allow you to play and progress 24 hours a day by meeting players from all over the world and of all levels.

Come discover and initiate yourself once a week with Arnaud at the associative café la Clef.

18 p.m. Spring Kamishibai with Compagnie Traverse
Sweet and funny stories to accompany spring and summer.
Winter is over. Make way for spring! What will it bring us? What if spring was the time for meetings? Or time for new adventures? Five stories to immerse children in the universe of this beautiful season and lead them to meet themselves. For 2 years.

Thursday May 4
14:30 p.m. Happy coffee - Agnès & her friends
A café open to non-French speakers to learn French in joy and good humor.

15 p.m. Coffee Ace of Spades - Ludo & Fabienne
Like every Thursday afternoon, meet to play belote or tarot! Free & open to all.

18 p.m. Well-being coffee - Dino, Amandine & Myriam
Come and discover the benefits of chair Shiatsu and palmar reflexology during a massage. Open to all & Free.

Friday 5
20 p.m. Concert with Funky Mondays
The Funky Mondays dabble in the genres of Funk, Jazz, Lounge in the Haute-Loire department and the region, taking their name from the day on which they meet to rehearse.
On the menu, hits from different eras, ranging from Bobby Hebb to Pharrell Williams via VulfPeck, Stevie Wonder, Sade, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and many others.
They are committed to creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in the places where they perform.
Tuesday May 9
​15 p.m. Couture Workshop - Bernadette, Sandrine & Dominique
Bags, clothes, accessories, decorations, come and fulfill your desires! Bring your equipment & your project!

17 p.m. Café patois - Yasmine
Join us to talk, hear or learn the patois as in the old days at the vigil!

18 p.m. Furigana - Learn Japanese - Adrien

Wednesday 10 may
14:30 p.m. Checkers game - Arnaud

16 p.m. Café Scrabble - Stephanie
Afternoon around the traditional Scrabble game at the café! Convivial moment in perspective.

16 p.m. Children's creative workshop - Franck & Hugo
On the program for this Wednesday: papier-mâché

18 p.m. Board games evening - Arthur & Cédric
Every second Wednesday of the month from 18 p.m. to 22 p.m., it is the traditional meeting place for modern board game players from Brivadois and the surrounding area. Acropolis, Clank, Parks, Draftosaurus, 7 Wonders, etc.
Bring your games or come and discover some and meet other local players!
Open to all.

Thursday May 11
14:30 p.m. Happy coffee - Agnès & her friends

15 p.m. Coffee Ace of Spades - Ludo & Fabienne

18 p.m. A radio show in public - Florian de La Calligramme
In the Brivadois, there is no associative radio. However, many of us are attached to this media, which allows us to create links, to learn about what is happening in the area and to organize locally.
For the past few months, a local Web-radio has been in the works, and everyone is invited to take the microphone. Come and tell us a dream, a piece of history, share with us the sound of your choice. Curious ears welcome.
Listen to programs and chronicles already recorded on

20 p.m. Conference on Mega Basins

Friday May 12
​17 p.m. French coffee - Amandine
Café discussion in French over a drink, between allophones and Francophones, welcome!

17 p.m. Circle Song - heart of voices with Steve Lô
A workshop to discover practice and explore vocal improvisation, spontaneous singing and circle song. A time to be with the voice, with the song and with the music.

20 p.m. Concert with Steve Lô
Solo / acoustic concert where voice and instrument weave the thread of a musical and sung poem, a hymn to diversity. Simultaneously a concert, a trip, a celebration of music and song from different horizons... a ceremony where multiple cultures hold hands to compose unity... a precious present lived together in the intensity of the acoustics of the singing and didgeridoo.
Tuesday May 16
15 p.m. Knitting workshop - Roselyne, Sandrine, Bernadette

18 p.m. Furigana - Learn Japanese - Adrien

20 p.m. Cine Debate - 'Bigger than Us' - Amnesty International

For 6 years, 18-year-old Melati has been fighting the plastic pollution that is ravaging her country, Indonesia. Like her, a generation is rising to fix the world. Everywhere, adolescents and young adults are fighting for human rights, the climate, freedom of expression, social justice, access to education or food. Dignity. Alone against all, sometimes at the risk of their life and safety, they protect, denounce, care for others. Earth. And they change everything. Melati goes to meet them across the globe. She wants to understand how to hold on and continue her action. From the favelas of Rio to the remote villages of Malawi, from makeshift boats off the island of Lesbos to Native American ceremonies in the mountains of Colorado, Rene, Mary, Xiu, Memory, Mohamad and Winnie reveal a magnificent world to us, that of courage and joy, commitment to greater than oneself. While everything seems or has collapsed, this youth shows us how to live. And what it means to be in the world today.

Wednesday 17 may
14:30 p.m. Checkers game - Arnaud

18 p.m. Readers’ Café - Florence
In May, do what you like.......and enjoy what you like?
The Readers' Café invites you to taste and share the books and texts that have delighted you on the theme: Gastronomy in literature!!!!

18 p.m. Meditation in life - Frédérique
The workshop offered at La Clef will allow you to experience being in a meditative and interior work, while being in touch with what is happening around you. A great exercise in concentration: knowing how to be both with yourself inside and with the world outside. The goal of meditation is not a moment, a bubble outside of time and space, but knowing how to cultivate a peaceful and centered state of being in all the contexts of our life….yes, not obvious ! I give you this challenge!
Tuesday May 23
15 p.m. Couture workshop - Dominique, Sandrine, Bernadette

17 p.m. Café patois - Yasmine

Wednesday 24 may
14:30 p.m. Checkers game - Arnaud

16 p.m. Children's creative workshop - Anais & Zac
Daily program: painting & music (2 to 8 years old)

18 p.m. Meditation in life - Frédérique

18 p.m. Coffee Discrimination and Inclusion – Lou-Ann, Lola and Maé from Concordia
Come and discover the game of privileges, a role-playing game where everyone plays a character with their own story. Depending on the situation, you will have to move forward if you think you can answer yes to the statements made by the master of the game. On the program: introspection, debate and empathy!

Thursday May 25
14:30 p.m. Happy coffee - Agnès & her friends

15 p.m. Coffee Ace of Spades - Ludo & Fabienne

Friday May 26
20 p.m. Big blues night with Dobrothersblues
Dobrothersblues is a Franco-American duo which in a few tours in France has conquered the public. From the Maison du Blues to the “La Bonne ville du Blues” Festival, these two artists left no one indifferent. Jim Roberts comes from Los Angeles (CA) and Jeff Toto Blues from Auvergne. They met in California. On the instrument side, this is also the great discovery with their Dobros, Cigar-box and Lapsteel

Saturday May 27
20 p.m. The big boom
Come and heat up the dance floor of La Clef for a whole evening!
You are the DJs, the playlist is yours! Send your desires here
Tuesday May 30
15 p.m. Knitting workshop - Roselyne, Sandrine, Bernadette
Hook and needles. We knit, we spin, we chat. Open to beginners as well as initiates and gentlemen.

18 p.m. Writing workshop - Monique
Come and share a friendly and fun moment with writing and words.

20 p.m. Gesticulated conference The perfume of the man in white: itinerary of an ally born of and by Philippe Merlant
Can we become an ally of the dominated when we ourselves tick almost all the boxes of the categories of the dominant? I have reason to feel concerned by the question: I am a man, white… and bourgeois, what's more! Finally, more precisely, coming from the Nantes bourgeoisie, and myself "petty bourgeois intellectual".
So how, when one is, like me, a dominant power three and one chooses, in addition, the profession of journalist which consists of "being everywhere at home" (typically the posture of dominant!), how can one imagine that we can go over to the side of the dominated and try to be useful in their fights? And how, as a journalist, can you take the opposite view of a media system that systematically contributes to reinforcing systems of domination? This already presupposes, as my accomplice Rouletabille says and does, paying attention to “everything that is seen and that is not seen“.
This is "The perfume of the man in white": the doubts and certainties of a dominating journalist who dreamed of becoming an ally of the dominated.

Wednesday 31 may
14:30 p.m. Checkers game - Arnaud

18 p.m. Meditation in life - Frédérique


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