To November 30, 2022

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November in the Key

Exhibition of the month: La Narse de Nouvialle
Halfway between Saint-Flour and the Monts du Cantal, the narse de Nouvialle is an exceptional wetland, representing 400 ha of Natura 2000 classified agricultural land. Despite this, the narse de Nouvialle is threatened by quarry projects . Come and discover the photos of the Nouvialle Collective which defends a sustainable future project for this territory of eastern Cantal.

Wednesday 2
16 p.m. Children's Creative Workshop
A different creative workshop every Wednesday – for the little curious (and the big curious who accompany them) Recommended age: from 3 to 10 years old.

18:30 p.m. Literary coffee with Anne
William Faulkner, major American writer of the XXth century, Nobel Prize 1949, sometimes seems forgotten, whereas his works, of an extreme dramatic intensity, had a striking influence on the modern novel.
A son of deep Mississippi, he recreated, in his imaginary county of Yoknapatawpha, a whole world shared by whites, blacks and Indians.

Thursday 3
15 p.m. Café l’As de Pique with Fabienne & Ludo
Tarot, Belote, card games. Thursday afternoon meeting!

20 p.m. Shiatsu on Chair with Dino
Originally from Japan, Shiatsu on a chair, which consists of a series of pressures and stretches, allows you to quickly harmonize energy, relax and energize at the same time. Suggested by Dino. Duration 15 to 30 minutes.

Friday 4
20 p.m. Retrospective evening Garden party
Bring together gardeners, volunteers and the public and the curious to open up discussion around the screening of the Télé-regain documentary "Garden Festival 2022", the exhibition "birth of a poster" by Sarah Barthelemy-Sibi and… the results of the big coloring contest!

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Tuesday 8
17 p.m. Knitting workshop with Jocelyne, Roselyne, Sandrine and Bernadette
Come and fulfill your desires, from an idea, from a model seen somewhere…why not a vintage bag, an original piece of clothing or accessory, a nice cuddly toy or a personalized decoration.

18 p.m. Japanese coffee – Furigana with Adrien
How about learning Japanese?

20 p.m. Gabriel or the transgender with Patrick
George Sand wrote Gabriel, a play.
This philosophical piece is about transgender. And by extension the condition of women.
Two hot topics.
Patrick proposes to make us discover this text and discuss it.

Wednesday 9
16 p.m. Café Scrabble with Stéphanie
Convivial moment in perspective!

Thursday 10
15 p.m. Café l’As de Pique with Ludo & Fabienne

20 p.m. Café Vélo with Philippe
You ride a bike for your trips in the Brivadois or you would like to do it but find it too complicated. Let's get together to federate and see how to improve things.

Friday 11
16 p.m. until dawn Night of the Big Games
Arthur, Cédric and the players from Brivadois offer you a great evening dedicated to Expert Games.
The event is for all players, ages 12 and up, who want to sit around a table for a good time.

On the program: Terraforming Mars, Through The Ages, Root, Dune, Lord of Xidit, Caylus, Scythe, The Lost Ruins of Narak, Gaia Project, Res Arcana, the Stone Age…
For this fun event, drinks are served at the bar as usual, but no food, bring back your favorite dishes for a great Spanish Inn!​

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Tuesday 15
17 p.m. Knitting workshop with Jocelyne, Roselyne, Sandrine and Bernadette
Come and fulfill your desires, from an idea, from a model seen somewhere…why not a vintage bag, an original piece of clothing or accessory, a nice cuddly toy or a personalized decoration.

17 p.m. Patois café with Yasmine
Join us to speak, hear and learn the patois as before!

20 p.m. Screening-meeting: Women in the building trades with Dasa
Come and watch the sensitive documentary "Accompanying the construction site - The earth" directed by Florian de La Caligramme.
In this short film, we follow Clémence who is building her house and wants to make earth coatings. For this, she is accompanied by Émeline, a professional coater.
By modeling clay, they wonder about the duo that a craftswoman and a self-builder can form.
After the screening, we will be able to talk with two professional women in the building industry about their careers and their daily lives.

Information: or 06 33 66 64 80

Wednesday 16
16 p.m. Children's workshop: Tale "Story drawers" with Emmanuel
Drawers, stories drawn at random Told by Emmanuel and his guitar.
Emmanuel Mappus, storyteller and musician, will share with you the traditional tales and songs from his repertoire.
In cooperation with the association L'Arbre à Histoires

18 p.m. Readers’ Coffee
We can come and share some literature or just to listen and if the theme does not inspire you come with something else!
Theme of the month: the supernatural.

Thursday 17
15 p.m. Communal sewing café
The La Clef sewing workshop meets the "Do It Yourself" sewing workshop of the local mission! Come and create, sew, exchange... An appointment for seamstresses and dressmakers of all levels!

15 p.m. Café l’As de Pique with Fabienne & Ludo

Friday 18
20 p.m. Concert with Rempil’tude
With a varied more rock repertoire, the musicians of Rempil'tude animated balls and parties during the 80s before stopping to pursue other projects. After a short break, the group is back to make us happy again!

Saturday 19
15 p.m. Teat Snack with the Association À Lait'coute
To recreate the social fabric that once surrounded future and young mothers, the association runs a discussion group based on listening, information and the exchange of experience for and with (future) parents. A Lait'coute offers caring and free help, a chat for several, in all simplicity and conviviality, around the theme of... breastfeeding.

Spouses, older brothers and sisters, loved ones welcome! More info on

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Tuesday 22
15 p.m. Couture workshop with Bernadette & Sandrine
A new meeting place for seamstresses and dressmakers of all levels!

17 p.m. Patois café with Yasmine
Join us to talk, hear or learn the patois as in the old days at the vigil!

Wednesday 23​
16 p.m. Children's Creative Workshop

18 p.m. Coffee Test with Peasant Islands
"You are a project leader and you have vaguely heard of the agricultural activity test? You already know the test and you think that the test may be for you?
Would you like to welcome test persons to your home?
Come and meet and discuss with project leaders, former testers and hosts during the coffee test organized by Ilots-Paysans, an association that accompanies the agricultural test in Auvergne, on Thursday December 1 at 18 p.m. around a warm coffee, punctuated of a perky aperitif."

Thursday 24
15 p.m. Café l’As de Pique with Fabienne and Ludo

18 p.m. Aperitif Games & Shiatsu on chair
Music, relaxation, games over a drink! It's aperitif with Hugo, Dino & Cédric.
Code Names, Perudo, Werewolf… Until 22 p.m.!

Friday 25
18 p.m. Storytelling evening with Emmanuel Mappus
Storytelling and Music Show "Le Rêve du Papillon".
The butterfly flew away, it crossed landscapes, lives, dreams too. During his journey he met people, and behind each meeting, a story... The voice of the storyteller carried by the melodies of the flute, the guitar or even the saz, tells us about the journey of this dreamy butterfly.
For students over the age of 5
Emmanuel Mappus: storytelling, singing
Gautier Lajoinie: percussion, guitar, saz, flutes.

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Tuesday 29
15 p.m. Sewing workshop

18:30 p.m. Writing workshop with Monique
Come and share a friendly and fun moment with writing and words, every last Tuesday of the month!

Wednesday 30
16 p.m. Children's Creative Workshop

20 p.m. Author meeting with Benjamin Chappe
Independent author and illustrator, I return after a long absence to explore through 3 new books (for children and for adults), intimate questions about being in the making, in permanent construction. Illustrated readings, presentation of works, their constructions and original plates.

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