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It is a cafe, like all cafes, to meet, quench your thirst, discuss, eat It is also a structure run by two associations, which offers cultural, artistic and festive events outside the walls, on farms and others. unusual places ... It is a militant and collective project, part of popular education for the access of all to culture. A project allowing everyone to offer activities and offering everyone the opportunity to express themselves

Exhibition of the month
The Lampioni adventure
We invite you to come and discover the photos of Neringa Greiciute and Antonio La Grotta, which retrace the Lampioni adventure. It is about presenting snippets of artistic improvisations that took place in Sète and Mondovi (Italy). This project had for theme the creation in public space, 4 structures were concerned by the adventure: the Albero de Macrame (Italy), the collective 1984 (Belgium), the Tube and dASA (France). This exhibition will present some ways of investing public space through poetic attacks.
Vernissage on January 20 at 18 p.m.

January at the Clef

Wednesday, January 5
18 p.m. Free currency workshop with Cyril
Free currency is an alternative monetary tool, citizen, ethical and completely decorrelated from the euro (unlike local currencies) and which therefore makes it possible to do without banks. It has been around for 4 years and is used by 3 people all over France. A concrete and local experiment is underway on our territory (Langeac / La Chomette / Brioude).
On the program of this meeting: presentation of free currency, questions / answers, discussion on the prospects for the deployment of the project, various technical aids ...

Thursday January 6
18 p.m. Presentation of the review Apostrophe with Francky
Presentation of a review carried by Secours Catholique in order to give a voice to the most disadvantaged, to people in precariousness. More than a magazine, it is a real working tool and above all can be used by everyone. The presentation of this review will allow everyone to understand its importance.
20 p.m. Café Session trad with Andrew and Louis
For all musicians, amateur or not, this session offers the opportunity to meet to discuss a traditional repertoire. You can also come to listen or to dance!

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Tuesday January 11
17 p.m. Patois café with Yasmine
Join us to talk, hear or learn the patois as in the old days at the vigil!
18 p.m. Literary café with Florence
Literary café around Toni MORRISON, an immense woman of Afro-American literature, who died in 2019.
Novelist, essayist, critic, playwright, librettist, professor emeritus, editor, and, eighth woman to receive the Nobel of literature… To discover absolutely!

Wednesday, January 12
16 p.m. Café Scrabble with Stéphanie
Fancy a game of Scrabble? Come and meet us to share a friendly moment.

Thursday January 13
18 p.m. Games Café with Arthur, Cédric, Jérome and Andrew
After a few months of rest, the games café is back! Once again we are going to share our pleasure of playing board games! Come with (or without) your favorite games for a fun and friendly evening!

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Friday January 14
20 p.m. A gesticulated conference "Deliver us from the male" with Jean Horgues-Debat
A theatrical conference that offers a reflection on masculinities, a sensitive and delicate subject that links the intimate, the unconscious, our personal convictions as well as politics and society. We are all, women and men, prisoners of the myth of virility. The lecturer here questions the construction of masculinity, or rather its deconstruction, to invent new ones… Vast construction site! “We are not born a man, we become one… or not! "

More info here:

Saturday January 15th
11 a.m. A popular education workshop with Jean Horgues-Debat
Practice workshop animated by Jean Horgues-Debat following his gesticulated conference the day before.

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Tuesday January 18
17 p.m. Maille workshop with Roselyne and Jocelyne
Hook and Needles. We knit, we spin, we chat. Open to beginners as well as to initiates and to men.

Wednesday, January 19
18 p.m. Readers' café "The world after" with Muriel
What "world" is it? What "before"? What "after"? The world according to whom? It's up to you to find the writers (perhaps yourself?) Who have tried to answer these questions… Come and share your findings with others or simply listen to what is being said…

Thursday January 20
18 p.m. Opening of the Lampioni adventure exhibition.
Did the January exhibition appeal to you? Come and meet its initiators to spend a moment of conviviality and discussion.

20 p.m. Café Session trad with Andrew and Louis
For all musicians, amateur or not, this session offers the opportunity to meet to discuss a traditional repertoire. You can also come to listen or to dance!

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Tuesday 25 January
17 p.m. Café patois with Yasmine
Join us to talk, hear or learn the patois as in the old days at the vigil!

Wednesday January 26

18 p.m. Small lexicon in the process of decolonization with Emmanuelle

Discussions and debates around the book "Small lexicon in the process of decolonization" by the Collectif Piment, 4 French people whose parents were colonized.

This little lexicon offers us their definition of a few words of our everyday language. "To define is to offer a vision of the world". What is their vision? Do we have the same? Come discuss it!

Friday January 28
20:30 p.m. Gesticulated conference "Balance your climate" with Tatiana Chartrain
From Barbie to punk, my ecological and political awareness.
Faced with the ecological emergency, for 50 years, we have only taken "small steps".
From a little girl's worldview, to awareness of the climate crisis, Tatiana tells her questions and her evolution as a woman by putting on her Roller Derby skates to talk about this sport, about music and share an analysis of the current ecological stalemate.

Free information :
Wearing a mask compulsory - distancing must be observed


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