Le February 03 2023

Blues City is a group of passionate musicians.
At the beginning we are three companions three friends, enlightened amateur instrumentalists with multiple influences (reggae blues rock jazz funk). After various joint musical projects, the desire to play a 100% Blues repertoire was born.
Jano is on guitar riffs in hand. Pelé is on bass, the groove in the blood
Jaco is on the drums the rhythm in the skin here is their bottom of sauce.
Primary ? perhaps but effective and it swings thunder.
To perform the songs, Pamela THE singer from Blues City, crazy energy with an exceptional grain of voice.
His influences are multiple, but from his meeting with the three friends was born his desire to sing Blues and everything goes "Vintage Trouble" "Beth hart" "Danielle Nicolle" ..., nothing stops him, nothing stops him is scary.
The osmosis is there … for the happiness of all, for the pleasure of playing together for you.

Tips and Suggestions
Come and have fun with us on January 14 for an aligot-concert evening. To book: or on Messenger or by email: contact@brasserie-voltige.fr


February 03
Friday Opens at 19:30 p.m.
Friday 3 February 2023 at 19 pm.


Adult €20