Guarantee of architectural and landscape quality

With its many Romanesque churches, exceptional murals, medieval castles, villages of character, thousand-year-old abbeys, Haut-Allier has been able to benefit from this prestigious label from the Ministry of Culture. 

First of all, if we have to briefly present to you this magnificent territory of which Brioude Sud Auvergne is part, we can say that from Margeride to Devès passing through the Allier, Loire and Alagnon valleys, Haut-Allier offers the visitor a remarkable mosaic of landscapes.
Taking advantage of the contrasts of the land, the man has carefully landscaped the valley. There are many sites housing murals of a wide variety of eras and styles. Also, from the Romanesque church to the fortified castle ... the walk allows everyone to find their monument in Haut-Allier. It invites you to discover the many facets of its heritage. Vernacular architecture reveals through its structure the organization of rural society.

But if you want to go into details, we tell you everything here!

A shock team !

Throughout the year, visits, events, exhibitions are offered
to make you discover this heritage which makes the reputation of our territory. 

Their objective ?

Quite simply, make the inhabitants aware of their living environment and encourage quality tourism! 
First the general visits lead to the discovery of the main attractions of the city or of everything that shapes the identity of the country.
During theme tours, you walk through a building from top to bottom, you have access to unusual places, you follow in the footsteps of a famous person. You become in addition, with the night walks, the one-night visitor charmed by the atmosphere of the place. Musicians, storytellers, actors share with you the atmosphere of an era to the rhythm of show visits.

And the young audience in all this?

This is one of the priorities of the action to raise awareness of the architecture and heritage of the Haut-Allier Art and History Country.
The activities of its educational service contribute to the awakening of a curiosity for architecture and heritage.
Indeed, it favors a sensitive and active approach to architectural heritage for the youngest. With the help of educational kits, multimedia, game booklets, etc. The service also promotes a fun discovery of the territory during workshops on labeled municipalities that request it. 
These activities are part of a process to raise awareness and socialize young people in their living environment. They thus learn to form a judgment on their environment and its evolution and to locate themselves in the daily space.

a great team at the service of the territory!

Finally, if we have to tell you everything about the Land of Art and History, we must admit that their team is essential to the life of the Brioude Sud Auvergne Tourist Office. This beautiful collaboration takes place throughout the year. Both for the organization of events and for the enhancement of our territory in our various information tools. 

In conclusion, nothing better to fully discover the heritage beauty of our region, than to follow the activities of the team of guides lecturers of the
Land of art and history of Haut-Allier !