Lamothe is a picturesque village with narrow streets, winegrowers' houses with estres, typical of the region.

THE medieval village

Fortified medieval village dominated by a castle remodeled in the XNUMXth century: witness to the importance of the village.

Lamothe owes its name to the hill on which the castle primitive was located, isolated by a ravine from the rest of the promontory occupied today by the village.


Le Precailled is part of the European Natura 2000 network, as a Sensitive Natural Area and in the Loire Grandeur Nature plan.

The Précaillé site is made up of various original natural environments: wet woodlands, dry lawns on sand and gravel: dead arm corresponding to the old route of the river.

More than 250 species of terrestrial and aquatic plants find on these edges of Allier favorable conditions for their development. Over 120 species of birds live or pass through this area. It is possible to observe, eg black kite. Guided hikes are organized and allow the observation of flora and fauna

Rue de Vialle
43100 Lamothe


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