Unmissable and unmissable monument of the city

In the heart of the city, the Saint-Julien Basilica welcomes the visitor dazzled by the dimensions of the building which is
built on the tomb of Julien, martyred in the XNUMXth century.

The Basilica was a very popular place of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages.
By its majesty, the largest of Auvergne's churches captivates the truly astonished visitor in the face of the profusion of colors. Those of construction materials which alternate pink and blond sandstones, volcanic slag but also limestones and marbles.
This polychromy of the stones goes very well with the pictorial richness of the pillars; in the Saint-Michel chapel the dazzling beauty of the celestial vault opposes the chaos of hell.

In 2008, the installation of contemporary stained glass windows painted by Kim En Jong, Dominican of Korean origin and produced by Ateliers Loire de Chartres sublimated this festival of colors.

They created a luminous atmosphere "the color makes the stones sing", translating the elevation of the soul in a search for spirituality.

A wonderful basilica in a small cultural town. Well done! A visitor in August 2021

visit the Saint Michel chapel

Located in the southern gallery of the Basilica of Saint Julien de Brioude, the chapel is under the protection of Saint Michel, the ferryman of souls, leader of the celestial militia. The vault and the walls are a representation of the celestial court and of hell.

The richness and grandeur of the murals will surprise all visitors.

Recent studies allow to affirm that it is not about a funeral chapel as it was believed for a long time

For security reasons, access to the Saint Michel Chapel is only possible during accompanied guided tours.

Pavement of the Basilica

Astonishing calade carpet made from simple river pebbles, tender Madonnas, poignant crucifixions, the richness of the capitals, help to create fascination, meditation and emotion within this stone setting.

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