Nice little rural heritage to discover as well as a pretty church with sculpted decor


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The village of Espalem is located on a granite and volcanic plateau. Crossed to the north-west by the Imperial road, which by its rectilinear layout, makes one think of an old Roman road. This route offers a 360 ° point of view and a magnificent view of the Cézallier mountains, the Livradois mountains and the Blesle borderlands.
In the town there are "mysterious lakes", classified Natura 2000 and under the sensitive natural areas of Haute-Loire. They are in fact marshes, formed in the depressions of the basaltic plateau and which hosts a multitude of amphibians including the tree frog, a small frog emblematic of the site.
To discover and observe more closely fauna, flora and landscape, several hiking trails are available to you, including the PR "Ronde around Espalem", leading you to the old Roman road which connects Blesle to Brioude. It crosses the Frideyre bridge (XNUMXth century).
Perched on a rock which makes it a monument that commands attention, the XNUMXth century church of Saint Martin dominates the town center of Espalem. It is distinguished by the originality of its sculpted decoration and in particular by the two capitals with angels located in the heart.
There are also elements of the vernacular heritage such as the banal oven, the fountain, the drinking trough, black stone houses.


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