oh surprise !

oh surprise!

Discovering the castle of Lespinasse was quite an experience (F) One afternoon this summer, my partner and I decided to visit a castle! Here we go in the direction of the castle of Lespinasse (in Saint-Beauzire, 10 km west of Brioude). What a friendly and unexpected welcome! Welcomed by the lady of the manor and her […]



RCF HAUTE-LOIRE Live on the airwaves of RCF Haute-Loire, Brioude frequency 88.3 The 57th edition of the Chaise-Dieu Festival took place on Thursday August 24 in the heart of the Saint-Julien Basilica in Brioude. Bruno Philippe, performed Bach's Suites for Cello. He came to talk about it on the RCF microphone. […]

« On air »

"We air"

On FRANCE BLEU Saint-Etienne-Loire In July As part of its new program "Par ici les vacances" France Bleu Saint Etienne-Loire contacted the Brioude Sud Auvergne Tourist Office for a telephone interview to present the tourist and cultural assets of the territory 2 interviews took place in July on: Brioude, la petite Nice […]


Gold panning

Nice discovery I didn't know too much about gold panning? We decided to participate in this workshop. What a pleasure ! “Superb discovery that Friday's gold panning workshop in Lavaudieu. What joy to look for small minerals or tiny garnets with your feet in the water, a bit like the pioneers of yesteryear Gold panning technique? The host shared his knowledge with us as much […]

Fièr(e) de la Haute-Loire – Dites -le

Proud of Haute-Loire – Say it

Designate your favorite department Let your opinion be heard and it's up to you to designate your favorite department Trophée du d D'or 2023 In collaboration with Mon Avis Citoyen, the newspaper of the Department invites you to answer a questionnaire so that Haute-Loire wins first place and was awarded the D'or trophy [...]

Monnaie de paris- Souvenir

Currency of Paris - Souvenir

New for 2023 It is in high demand, this pretty medal is a delight for visitors and also collectors. Souvenir Medal Did you find it? This is the souvenir medal minted at Monnaie de Paris, the oldest French institution, responsible for minting coins and producing medals for more than 1 years. […]

L’échappée belge sur la via-allier

The Belgian breakaway on the Via-Allier

In May, a globetrotter, Adrien Joveneau and a stuntwoman Emilie Guillaume, discovered the territory of the Gorges de l'Allier through the Via-Allier for the program l'Echappée belge. Laure Watrin, journalist recounts their 4 days on a bike and their magical discovery of this territory L'Echappée Belge took this 455 km road bike, which […]

23è congrès des plus beaux detours

23rd congress of the most beautiful detours

Brioude (Haute-Loire) to Morêt sur Loing (Seine et Marne) It was in Moret-sur-Loing, delegated municipality of Moret-Loing-et-Orvanne, that the 23rd congress of the "Most Beautiful Détours de France”, which brought together more than 170 participants. On this occasion, the president of the association, Hervé Mariton, former minister and mayor of Crest, presented […]

l’OFFICE DE TOURISME AU Salon du Tourisme


It's Sarah, the alternate in communication! I'm back to share our new adventure with you! Participation in the first edition of the tourism fair, organized by the Maison du Tourisme de Haute-Loire!! On the way to Saint-Paulien for this first Tourism Fair with the team from the Tourist Office; Arrived on the spot we settle […]

1er salon du tourisme en Haute-Loire

1st tourism fair in Haute-Loire

This is a great first! This organization of a tourism fair by the Maison du Tourisme and all the actors of the departments in Saint-Paulien. Residents and visitors need and want to know the diversity of our tourist offers You are invited to come and discover the secrets of Haute-Loire [...]

eaux de Saint Géron

waters of Saint Géron

Visit to the bottling plant As part of my work-study program, I go from discovery to discovery and I had the opportunity to prepare the slideshow for the meeting with service providers organized by the Brioude Sud Auvergne Tourist Office. this meeting took place on Monday, November 21, at the Saint Géron bottling plant. It's a big WOW The […]