Live on air from R.C.F. Haute-Loire, Brioude frequency 88.3

The 57th edition of the Chaise-Dieu Festival took place on Thursday August 24 in the heart of the Saint-Julien Basilica in Brioude.

Bruno Philippe, performed Bach's Suites for Cello. He came to talk about it on the RCF microphone.

  • Also guests:
  • – Cyrille Sarrias, deputy for culture, heritage and tourism of the town of Brioude
  • – Vincent Besançon, watercolourist in Brioude who captures with his pencil the concerts of the Festival de La Chaise-Dieu
  • – Jean-Jacques Faucher, President of the Deanery
  • – Jean-Louis Fonters, president of the association Friends of the Saint-Julien basilica in Brioude

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Chaise Dieu Festival in Brioude Thursday August 24, 2023 with Bruno Philippe
August 24, 2023